Cruella de Vil’s Best Quotes

“Miserable, Darling, As Usual. Perfectly Wretched.”

“There’s an explanation, of course. You see…I’m a really terrible person.”

“Any Way You Like! Poison Them. Drown Them. Bash Them In The Head. You Got Any Chloroform?”

“Ugh, if only your wits matched your looks.”

“I Don’t Care How You Kill The Little Beasts, But Do It, And Do It Now!”

“Shall I get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?”

“Oh No You Don’t! We’ll Find The Little Mongrels If It Takes Till Next Christmas. Now Get Going! And Watch Your Driving You Imbeciles, You Wanna Get Nabbed By The Police?”

“You know, if that old bag still wolfed out, I’d turn her into coat for my collection.”

“Blast This Pen! Blast This Wretched, Wretched Pen!”

“One small dead Author. That’s all I asked. Simple revenge, and you failed utterly.”

“My Only True Love, Darling. I Live For Furs. I Worship Furs! After All, Is There A Woman In All This Wretched World Who Doesn’t?”

“Some people struggle not to be drawn into the darkness. But ever since I was a little girl, I’ve said, ‘Why not splash in and have fun!'”

“Why You Horrid Man…You….You…Alright, Keep The Little Beasts For All I Care! Do What You Like With Them! Drown Them!”

“I suppose that’s better than blaming bad judgement and gin.”

“Fifteen. Fifteen Puppies! How Marvelous! How Marvelous! How Perfectly Ugh! Oh, The Devil Take It, They’re Mongrels! No Spots! No Spots At All! What A Horrid Little White Rat!”

“What can I do for you, Sheriff Chisel Chin?”

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“Well Now, What Have We Here? So They Thought They Could Outwit Cruella?”

“If I’d known it was this cold, darling, I’d have grabbed two more puppies and made mittens.”

“You Idiots! You…You Fools! Oh, You Imbeciles!”

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